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Since its inception in 1986, on the initiative of Assicurazioni Generali and several banks and industrial groups, Protos has brought together, in a single, flexible and multi-sector structure, multi-sourcing skills and expertise capable of providing clients with valid support tools in the most delicate decision-making phases related to development and investment programmes and operations, financing and refinancing, insurance and reinsurance, as well as the acquisition and divestment of companies, tangible and intangible company assets and all other operations connected to the production, execution, distribution, supply and installation of goods, works and services.

Thanks to its consolidated experience with clients in various public and private sectors in Italy and abroad, Protos is able to develop constantly evolving products and service lines based on the requirements of each project, adopting market best practices, compliance rules and business drivers in order to obtain a clear vision of a project’s sustainability, the feasibility of an M&A transaction essentially from a technical and assessment standpoint, and the potential risks and options for their mitigation.

The technical expertise developed by the Protos teams in large projects makes them ideally placed to follow small projects as well, following an iterative method through sourcing and co-sourcing agreements with banks, leasing companies, investment funds, and insurance and reinsurance companies.

Protos’ various activities are conducted according to principles of independence, transparency and utmost rigour which have established the company as a key player on the national and international scene.

Over the last decade, Protos has increasingly turned towards internationalisation, with a businessmodel that involves exporting the know-how acquired in key markets and the same modus operandi. Protos currently works with a number of international clients in Israel, Eastern Europe, Venezuela, Africa, Costa Rica, Latin America, China and South East Asia.


Our values have always been the driving force behind our  brand.

Our ethics form the compass that guides us on the shared ‘map of values’.
The ‘checkpoints’ that mark the start and finish of our professional journey are integrity, independence, transparency and confidentiality.

All our professional decisions are made with the utmost respect for our clients first and foremost, and for all the professionals who work with us. Our code of conduct, as well as all our certifications, represent an effective modus operandi, recognised by the market as an added value of our work.

The work environments are organised in full compliance with the principles of protection of physical and moral integrity, with the utmost attention to any form of harassment or abuse that may affect health and safety.

Report abuse or breaches of the Code of Conduct


Franco Masera


Luca Mazzoni


Pasquale Serlenga

General Manager

Francesco Medri

Deputy COO

Antonio Mansi


Lorenzo Brogini

Head of Infrastructure &
Insurance Services

Alberto Ventura

Co-Head of LDM

Massimo La Rana

Co-Head of LDM

Marco Anselmi

Head of Real Estate

Giuliano Kidric

Head of Engineering

Giorgio Saraceno

Co-Head of Energy

Giulio Marconi

Co-Head of Energy

Sandro Bonamoneta

Managing Director

Alessandro Gambi


Nicola Lorito
Ilaria Capurso

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