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Transaction Advisory is the name we give to a set of services dedicated to all phases of an asset acquisition transaction.

For example, the real estate segment of distressed assets, above all sale-leasebacks, is very active at the moment. Real estate portfolios, repossessed or to be repossessed, are earmarked for repositioning or sale, individually or en bloc, according to the opportunities offered by the market. A ‘dynamic’ view of the technical and market analysis processes of these assets allows for the potential creation of unexpressed value (H&B Use). The service is aimed at banks, leasing companies, large real estate holdings, insolvency administrators, etc.
The process guiding owner companies in identifying and selecting sustainable optimisation or divestment scenarios requires the support of a dedicated Due Diligence team with high technical expertise and market knowledge, and expertise in related legal, tax and financial aspects.

Once the scenarios have been clarified and established, a Project Management team is required to plan activities in line with the owner's result goals and to constantly record progress as well as identify any deviations and corrective actions to achieve the optimisation and/or sales targets.
Protos supports clients in the creation of physical and virtual data rooms to ensure the availability of the technical documents required for informed property management.
In the event of sale of the property, Protos.NPE supports the notary in reading the documents and preparing the file accompanying the sale.


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For over 15 years, Protos has designed tailored solutions to monitor and check compliance with the Service Level Agreements within the real estate sector (in bonis//UTP/distressed).
The service reports on the outcome of audits, ensuring a critical reading of the results with articulated insights into real proposals for variants of tools and processes.


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Our teams enrich the database of non-performing loans, both for the structuring of extraordinary portfolio sales and to improve the quality of information and appraise non-performing loans in their management phase.
At the heart of its data remediation services, Protos pays the utmost attention to the quality of data entered in its clients’ IT systems. The creation of mixed technical and legal teams, the high level of specialisation and experience of its core team, and the thorough control procedures ensure the best performance in terms of the quality of data collected with certified quality assurance percentages higher than 99%.
In addition, Protos can guarantee high performance standards by operating on any IT platform used by the client (e.g. Laweb, Syges, EPC, F&G, etc.) as the preferred work environment for data remediation. Protos can also offer its proprietary web application (data remediation toolkit) when required or necessary, both for transient repository needs and in cases where the client’s legacy platforms cannot be used directly.
By using the right mix of manual checks and its specific automatic updating tools, Protos offers a truly robust and cost-effective data maintenance service (in particular for land registry data and executive procedures), both for portfolios already under management (Data Maintenance) and for new portfolios/entries during the initial management phase (Data Opening).
In this regard, Protos uses thorough and ECB-compliant working processes, adopting solid and transparent criteria for its level I and II controls. Thanks to the experience and skills acquired in the various contexts in which it operates, the company can provide all the necessary end-to-end advisory support to customise and share, with every client, a truly effective data maintenance and opening process with the minimum operational impact for the structures involved.
Protos has developed an innovative predictive model that makes it possible to fine-tune the decision-making system linked to UTP/NPL credit management, based on the mapping and evaluation of amounts that can guarantors can claim, both within the logic of effort optimisation and cluster prioritisation that the model identifies as those with the highest potential value, and that of increasing the value of portfolios (in particularly those that are predominantly unsecured) subject to sale/purchase.
The results, which Protos is usually able to demonstrate and share with the client through specific preliminary tests, often seem surprising in terms of the potential recoverable value of assets that can be claimed, particularly during the initial phases of problematic credit management.
Protos has developed specific advanced methodological tools for data quality control of positions under third-party management (external servicers) or managed by internal workout structures.

This approach can also be used successfully in support of structures dedicated to level II and III controls, on the basis of specific SLAs referred to Protos as an independent third party and in line with what Protos already does in other contexts (i.e. real estate asset management companies).
In addition, it has been observed how application of this method, where already adopted, enriches level I controls, triggering a virtuous self-correction mechanism (with a favourable impact also in terms of recovery curves), as well as playing an important role in claims prevention, including containing outsourcing management costs.
Protos is a key player in the appraisal market, recognised for its competence and independence, and chosen by the ECB (2020) and the Bank of Italy (2014) for Asset Asset Quality Review processes.

In the NPE market, HBU appraisal is a tool for value creation, to identify strategies to enhance the value of the individual asset or portfolio.  

This means that on the basis of the findings of planning and authorisation analyses, as well as the state of development of the asset (greenfield, brownfield, completed, etc.), Protos will identify, among all the technically possible, legally permissible and financially sustainable uses, those that can maximise the potential of the real estate property.
Protos selects the best strategies for its clients, such as Credit Management Companies or owners of repossessed or NPL assets (real estate, plants, capital goods, etc.) for a block sale or asset by asset sale, depending on the context.
From auction promotion to managing the sale of assets through agencies or local real estate brokers, Protos supervises and reports on activities up to the final sales goal.


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Protos carries out consultancy and audit activities on production chains and business processes, with methods tailored according to the objectives set by the client who, in our case, is represented by Credit & Asset Management Companies.
The service consists of a critical reading of the ‘as is’ state to determine, on the basis of gaps identified, one or more ‘to be’ scenarios built on best practices and aimed at developing an evolutionary picture of the company and its processes.
All Protos Group companies provide their clients with transversal approaches and skills, experience, creativity, knowledge and market analysis to identify those scenarios that can create value in their business, optimising their developmental profile.

The tools can be many and varied, implemented on a case by case and sector by sector basis. They include market studies, feasibility studies, investment analyses, technical solutions, organisational solutions, and much more.
Protos NPE analyses the profitability of existing portfolios or checking the profitability of acquisition targets, in collaboration with Protos Real Estate.

Protos NPE, moreover, has contributed and continues to contribute to the design, also digital, of management strategies and the prioritisation of processes preparatory to the sale and/or value enhancement of non-performing loans.


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A TRANSVERSAL service offered by all group companies to the infrastructure, insurance, real estate, NPE and energy sectors.

Protos, a key player in the appraisal sector, helps a wide range of clients, including banks, leasing institutes, insurance companies, insolvency administrators and liquidators, asset owners and managers, potential buyers, credit management companies, etc., to identify the most probable market value of ‘as is’ or ‘as (to be) completed’ asset projects, using methodologies, estimation and reporting models based on international and compliance-oriented best practices (RICS, IVSC, IAF/AFRS, IVASS, USPAP, TEGOVA, Bank of Italy, ABI standards).

In the case of Protos.NPE, the service applies to distressed assets.

Depending on the sector/industry – real estate, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, marine & nautical, agricultural – of the type of asset and the context in which we are called on to operate (financing, transaction, insurance, distressed assets, asset management), market value is sometimes supplemented by estimates in terms of security/MLV, quick sale, forced sale, insurance, judicial, highest & best use or by normal value, value of usufruct/bare ownership, value of surface rights, value of plant and equipment, and statistical evaluations.
Our reports are structured using a common template and are anchored to a web-based platform, but can be customised according to client specifications.
Our service includes:

  • A Central Appraisal Unit for establishing methodological guidelines and carrying out spot checks on issued products;
  • An Appraisal Management Team composed of Senior Appraisers responsible for verifying compliance with the methodological guidelines established in the work of internal and external evaluators, and also for managing client relationships according to the service levels established by mandate or by framework agreement;
  • Appraisers, Junior Appraisers and a nationwide network of approximately 150 qualified external technicians.

The strengths of our service are:

  • Independence – Protos is extraneous to commercial activities;
  • Market knowledge – ability to select effective real estate observers;
  • Transversal expertise – ability to manage risk profiles from multiple perspectives.
Protos can be considered a privileged vantage point for certain markets, for which, over the years, it has served in various roles as a reference for players in the financing and transaction NPE fields.
For example, in the Renewable Energy, Infrastructures/Large Construction Industry and Leasing Markets, Protos has evaluated and followed the execution phases, in the last 15 years alone, for:

  • Over 6.5 GWp
  • Over 1500 real estate projects;
  • Over 200,000 leasing appraisals throughout Italy.
  • Monitoring regulatory developments and market trends (HBU and/or technological);
  • Monitoring implementation applications of innovative or consolidated project solutions;
  • Enriching the internal Competence Centres (valuable reference points) with technical and experiential data.

Protos is active in the renewable energy market and particularly in the photovoltaic sector. After being Market Leader for several years, Protos went on to become lender’s technical advisor in Italy from 2007 to 2013 and after opening the PV market in South Africa and Israel, the company has successfully entered the secondary market, assisting numerous Italian groups in their investment choices and asset management.
In the world of infrastructure, Protos represents a benchmark in transactions thanks to its historic connection with the culture and evolutions of this market, in addition to its ability to understand the special needs of its clients, design tailor-made solutions, and prepare technical specifications and ad-hoc price lists of particular complexity for public and private clients.

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