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Protos carries out audits – at various levels of detail – of the adequacy, completeness, regulatory compliance and effectiveness of any engineering design.

The activity is carried out in the insurance sector.
Protos carries out seismic suitability and vulnerability assessments for any engineering work and for buildings.

The service is divided into various stages, starting with a preliminary desk-based procedure to check the asset’s eligibility for a seismic vulnerability assessment according to current legislation. In case of positive feedback, the process continues by accessing the deeds, checking the design drawings, conducting on-site investigations (even invasive) and modelling, and concludes with the drafting of a capex plan for adaptation.
For more than thirty years, our Risk Advisory & Risk Management teams have supported our national and international clients in their complex projects in all sectors, to measure/estimate risks and promote/implement the best strategies, from a best practice perspective, for the correct management of risks associated with the implementation and/or management of the projects themselves.
This service has proven to be an indispensable and effective tool for risk mitigation, particularly for large infrastructure projects, large industrial and energy generation plants, where the highest risks are attributable to the geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical and environmental context and complexity (urban areas, hydraulic risk areas, etc.). Typical deliverables of this service include the Risk Management Plan, Cost & Schedule Contingency Plan and Contractual Risk Allocation Matrix.


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Protos provides Loss Prevention & Risk Engineering services to insurance companies, insurers and financing entities of energy, infrastructure, manufacturing and real estate projects, in order to:
  • Minimise exposure with respect to specific risk factors, identified in a technical analysis performed in accordance with predefined criteria and objectives;
  • Optimise insurance policy parameters and calculate premiums in a well-balanced manner;
  • Confirm whether or not targeted underwriting monitoring is required;
  • Normalise portfolio risks;
  • Assess technical risks related to contractual/performance bonds.
In particular, for each specific project/contract to be funded, the support provided by Protos includes:
  • The identification of any technical, organisational and planning shortfalls, and aspects of major criticality (risk matrix);
  • The establishment of possible corrective and risk mitigation actions;
  • The quantitative and qualitative assessment of residual risks (risk rating).
With the same aims, Protos also offers its support in the implementation of ad hoc IT tools calibrated to the client's needs and aimed at applying, in a systematic and user-friendly manner, shared risk assessment models.
Protos LA is able to provide complete and immediate answers for the broadest and most diverse types of claims, even in highly complex contexts, in Italy and abroad, offering its consultancy services also as a Party-Appointed Expert for court proceedings in the engineering, construction, property and casualty sectors.

This service has proven to be an indispensable and effective tool for risk mitigation, particularly for large infrastructure projects, large industrial and energy generation plants, where the highest risks are attributable to the geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical and environmental context and complexity (urban areas, hydraulic risk areas, etc.).

Typical deliverables of this service include the Risk Management Plan, Cost & Schedule Contingency Plan and Contractual Risk Allocation Matrix.
As part of the diversification of loss adjusting services that it offers to clients in partnership with global service providers, Protos LA offers a specific remediation service. By linking its claims adjustment experience with its technical and engineering expertise in the field of building construction, thanks also to an extensive network of collaborators who operate in an array of different areas, the company offers a comprehensive recovery and maintenance service in the residential and corporate field. In particular, it offers an all-round assistance service in specific remediation to large operators of real estate assets.

Protos therefore offers a thoroughly innovative settlement format in the current insurance landscape, changing the concept of claims from threat to opportunity and proposing new solutions to manage and eliminate material damage to insured assets due to unpredictable events such as weather events, fires, flooding, etc. Protos LA proposes the restoration of damaged parts to pre-claim conditions, quickly, efficiently and safely thanks to the support of qualified and highly specialised partners.
The solution adopted is based on optimal interaction between loss adjustors – who contribute to the system’s effectiveness thanks to their ability to assess damage and insurance cover – and remediators.

The advantage of using the specific remediation service is that the insured party, the insurance company and the company can rely on one partner with specific knowledge of the various sectors.


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For the remediation of damage from insurance claims, Protos’ Project & Construction Management teams provide you with expertise, experience, skills, methodologies and best practice tools to achieve an effective claim settlement.
Objectives and priorities, roles and tasks, resources and constraints, scheduling and coordination: It is our goal to balance, verify, review and monitor these elements in all areas and within project times, as well as to ensure adequate work and communication plans, so that your expectations are met.
Protos builds ad hoc Project Control and High Surveillance services for insurance company claims managers.

The Project Control (PC) service proactively supports the Project Manager throughout the life cycle of the reconstruction/repair/leasing project, from the start phase to commissioning, by defining objectives, constantly verifying adherence to budget and schedule, and identifying possible improvement actions.
High Surveillance can also cover a project’s entire life cycle but compared to PC it is a service that reads a project holistically, analysing authorisation and planning issues, as well as contractual, organisational and insurance aspects, etc.

The manner in which the two services are carried out and the deliverables can differ significantly depending on the client and on the project, both in terms of number and type. They may vary according to the size and duration of the project as well as the type of stakeholder for whom the reporting is intended.


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A TRANSVERSAL service offered by all group companies to the infrastructure, insurance, real estate, NPE and energy sectors.

Protos, a key player in the appraisal sector, helps a wide range of clients, including banks, leasing institutes, insurance companies, insolvency administrators and liquidators, asset owners and managers, potential buyers, credit management companies, etc., to identify the most probable market value of ‘as is’ or ‘as (to be) completed’ asset projects, using methodologies, estimation and reporting models based on international and compliance-oriented best practices (RICS, IVSC, IAF/AFRS, IVASS, USPAP, TEGOVA, Bank of Italy, ABI standards).

Depending on the sector/industry – real estate, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, marine & nautical, agricultural – of the type of asset and the context in which we are called on to operate (financing, transaction, insurance, distressed assets, asset management), market value is sometimes supplemented by estimates in terms of security/MLV, quick sale, forced sale, insurance, judicial, highest & best use or by normal value, value of usufruct/bare ownership, value of surface rights, value of plant and equipment, and statistical evaluations.

Our reports are structured using a common template and are anchored to a web-based platform, but can be customised according to client specifications.

Our service includes:

  • A Central Appraisal Unit for establishing methodological guidelines and carrying out spot checks on issued products;
  • An Appraisal Management Team composed of Senior Appraisers responsible for verifying compliance with the methodological guidelines established in the work of internal and external evaluators, and also for managing client relationships according to the service levels established by mandate or by framework agreement;
  • Appraisers, Junior Appraisers and a nationwide network of approximately 150 qualified external technicians.

The strengths of our service are:
  • Independence – Protos is extraneous to commercial activities;
  • Market knowledge – ability to select effective real estate observers;
  • Transversal expertise – ability to manage risk profiles from multiple perspectives.
Protos can be considered a privileged vantage point for certain markets, for which, over the years, it has served in various roles as a reference for players in the financing and transaction fields.

For example, in the Renewable Energy, Infrastructures/Large Construction Industry and Leasing Markets, Protos has evaluated and followed the execution phases, in the last 15 years alone, for:

  • Over 6.5 GWp
  • Over 1500 real estate projects;
  • Over 200,000 leasing appraisals throughout Italy.
  • Monitoring regulatory developments and market trends (HBU and/or technological);
  • Monitoring implementation applications of innovative or consolidated project solutions;
  • Enriching the internal Competence Centres (valuable reference points) with technical and experiential data.

Protos is active in the renewable energy market and particularly in the photovoltaic sector. After being Market Leader for several years, Protos went on to become lender’s technical advisor in Italy from 2007 to 2013 and after opening the PV market in South Africa and Israel, the company has successfully entered the secondary market, assisting numerous Italian groups in their investment choices and asset management.

In the world of infrastructure, Protos represents a benchmark in transactions thanks to its historic connection with the culture and evolutions of this market, in addition to its ability to understand the special needs of its clients, design tailor-made solutions, and prepare technical specifications and ad-hoc price lists of particular complexity for public and private clients.


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The traits of independence and impartiality, specialised technical know-how and experience gained in more than thirty years at the service of national and international clients make Protos the ideal partner for the role of independent expert in a wide range of fields, especially in the Energy, Infrastructures, Manufacturing and Real Estate sectors.
By choosing Protos you can count on a specialised, competent and authoritative group, able to promptly develop technically complex evaluations and provide reliable and proven opinions in support of pre-litigation phases.

The typical deliverables of this service are Adequacy Testing, Opinion Report and Expert Report.
In support of the judicial and extrajudicial settlement of proceedings, and more in general, the optimal management of disputes, pre-litigation, arbitration and litigation which in a broader sense require the technical and analytical support of multidisciplinary teams, Protos offers support as a Party-Appointed Expert (PAE) in numerous engineering areas and contexts in the Energy, Infrastructures, Manufacturing and Real Estate sectors.
The work of PAE includes but is not limited to disputes relating to compliance with technical and contractual standards, the quality of works performed, the adequacy of preliminary investigations and design choices, the consistency of execution times and costs, and the congruity between work carried out and contractual requirements.  

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